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Summed up by one beautiful chateau anchored in the every day rhythm of this typical french village life. While the grounds of the chateau make a stunning backdrop to your morning runs; Your environment is composed also by two main streets, three grocery stores, one cinema, about twenty restaurants & bars , and as many hairstylists!! weird right ? :) . Surrounded by a Unesco heritage labeled forest, and gorgeous old properties with massive gardens ; It’s common for up to fifteen people to share a house, from 5 minutes walk away to 10 minutes drive from campus. Thanks to it's amazing Food Market at the grande place you 'll find yourself compelled to cook or enjoy going to lots of dinners at other's co-living houses. Yet when you'll need to plug into a dynamic Urban vibe; Fonty (as Inseaders say) is situated an hour out train ride to Paris!

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Boulevard de Constance



Tel: +33 1 60 72 40 00






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Accomodation: EXCELLENT

Cost of Living: GOOD

Quality of Life: GOOD



Culture: GOOD

Adventure: EXCELLENT

Your Student Life: EXCELLENT



Diversity: GOOD

Peer Bonding: EXCELLENT

Business: GOOD


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