Shared Apartment near Porta Romana

We know that starting a new adventure is always exciting and we want you to be in a great place so your experience will be an awesome one! For that purpose and with that in mind, check out this lovely apartment in Guastalla.

This lovely apartment will provide you with lots of things, such as a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere where you are sure to always feel welcome and relaxed. Besides the welcoming feeling and cosy rooms, the property is close to everything that you might need, such as shops, restaurants and transport links. In short, the ideal starting point for any adventure! The apartment comprises of seven bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

Points of interest

  • Porta Romana - 10-min walk
  • SDA Bocconi - 15-min walk
  • Church Santa Maria Presso San Celso - 15-min walk

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Shared amenities

  • 15-min walk to Bocconi

  • Fully-equipped kitchen

  • Dining area

  • Dishwasher

  • Balcony

  • All-inclusive rent

  • Wifi

  • Air conditioning