LifeX Stardust

Stardust is near the birthplace of its name: Ziggy, David Bowie’s alter ego. It is right next to the centre of Brixton, with its famous market and Afro-Carribean vibes, and thriving bohemian art scene.

The property itself is on a quiet street, with 5 floors, a terrace, and a large back garden. The whole ground floor is shared space, with its refurbished kitchen adjacent to the traditional townhouse wooden floor front-room.

Points of interest

  • Famous Brixton market
  • Thriving bohemian art scene

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Shared amenities

  • Total surface: 187 sqm

  • 40-min commute to campus

  • Fully-equipped kitchen

  • Dishwasher

  • The whole Ground floor is shared space

  • Traditional townhouse front-room with wooden floor

  • Flatscreen TV

  • HAY furniture

  • Large back garden

  • 2 shared bathrooms, fully-equipped

  • Wifi internet

  • On-site Laundry